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Conkrete Remixed Vol.1
Various Artists
Conkrete Digital Music

CONKRETE018 | 2013-04-29
We're happy to present you Volume 1 in our new EP series entitled "Conkrete Remixed", which we will release from time to time, giving you some extra remixes and exclusives of already released or forthcoming tracks from the label!
And Volume 1 is a big one already, featuring some of the finest and most talented artists out there.
Opening the EP, we have none other then ATFC and the amazing Inaya Day with their track "Reach Out To Me", already a big chart track, now coming with a more soulful and funky Remix by one half of the Conkrete masterminds, Roland Bartha aka Pray for More.
Track 2 is by Jerry Ropero and Eddy Cabrera with some big vocals by Terri B!, and it's the Monday Music Club taking care of the Remix of their chart smasher "Soul Heaven 2013" here! Lots of live instruments in here, all carefully put together for a great summer style mix. You gonna here more of those guys soon!
The other half of the 2 Conkrete label heads, Paul Gardner aka Soul Avengerz, is getting his hands on his own "Love You Feel" track, doing what he does so great right now, giving it a totally new feel for 2013! He definately is on a roll...
Last and definately not least, we have 3 of the hottest talents around, Ted Nilsson together with Garrett & Ojelay who get the remix treatment by another hot team, Dos Amigos, who perfectly work Pryce Olivers funky vocals to great effect!
All in all, a great first EP in this series, with some equally great ones to come soon!
Not much more to be said, except the usual: LISTEN, DONWLOAD and PLAY IT OUT LOUD in the clubs and your radio shows

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