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Smart Guy (Remixes)
Miss Luna, Azoulay & Rousso
Mjuzieek Digital

MJUZIEEK108 | 2013-06-07
Smart Guy
Alex Gomez & Oriol Calvo Remix (7:05)
Miss Luna, Azoulay & Rousso
Alex Gomez, Oriol Calvo
House $1.99
Smart Guy
Pray for More's In Love With Mjuzieek Instrumental Mix (7:18)
Miss Luna, Azoulay & Rousso
Pray For More
House $1.99
Smart Guy
Willy Sanjuan Remix (6:45)
Miss Luna, Azoulay & Rousso
Willy SanJuan
Nu Disco / Indie Dance $1.99
The Original Release of this track was out a while ago and has been quite overlooked by many people out there, though it would have deserved a much better reception, thanks to it's unusual, but very cool vocals.

So, there was no doubt for us that it was necessary to give it another shot, making sure that this time it will get the recognition that it definately deserves...

We got in Alex Gomez & Oriol Calvo in, to give the track the current Ibiza flavour, a mixture of deep, techy and funky vibes, that you gonna hear a lot in Ibiza this summer. No surprise those guys know what to do, with Oriol being Resident DJ at the world's biggest club, Privilege Ibiza, amongst others.

Then, due to a lot of people asking after the first release, we have also added the Instrumental Mix by Pray for More, for those who still can't get their head around the vocals, and finally, another well known name, Willy Sanjuan, has added a deep and funky Remix too, accomplishing the Original track.

Not much more to be said, except the usual: LISTEN, DONWLOAD and PLAY IT OUT LOUD in the clubs and your radio shows!

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