Hailing from Central African Republic (C.A.R.), Boddhi Satva vowed early in his career to make a statement through a signature sound of his own. Ancestral Soul was born. When music is the soundtrack of universal rituals - birth, graduation, marriage, and ancestorship, that's Ancestral Soul; when music is simultaneously an tense argument between passionate lovers, a intense freestyle session between- or a revolutionary political speech by live instruments - kora, piano, sax, flute, congas, cello, balafon and turntables, that's Ancestral Soul; when music takes over the night, positive energy is in the air and the mysteries of the unseen come out, that's Ancestral Soul; when music conquers spirits, electrifies bodies and no word is needed to seduce, to serenade, to heal, to love and to share, that's Ancestral Soul; when deep house music has modern Congolese rumba as wife, West African voices as mistresses, and urban R&B and Afro-Cuban rhythms as occasional girlfriends, that's Ancestral Soul. Boddhi Satva subsequently became a demanded remixer as "Ancestral Soul" versions of mainstream tracks won over club audiences across the globe, in addition to recognition from connoisseurs and tastemakers. Osunlade's Yoruba Records, Bob Sinclar's Yellow Productions, Peter Adarkwah's BBE Music, Tony Humphries's Yelloworange are just a few music labels among many that released Boddhi's productions.

In 2007 he launched Offering Records. It serves as the perfect place where he defies boundaries with innovative formulas and where promising singers and aspiring producers from different parts of the world find a launching pad. 2012 will see the worldwide release of the debut album INVOCATION on BBE Records, after it was released in Africa in 2011 by Vega Records, the label of the legendary Louie Vega. The latter hand-picked Boddhi in 2008 to be an elite producer for Vega Records and a resident of Vega DJ tours. Invocation confirms the solid place that Boddhi established for himself in the house music landscape. It is an ode to the ritual dimension and the spiritual power of music.

It is a kaleidoscope that reflects the layers, nuances, colours, impressions and transformations that one experiences in life. See, Boddhi Satva is dedicated to master his craft, to rejuvenate the treasures of contemporary music, and to give himself the challenge of confronting his rich musical heritage with whatever influences he brings back from his voyages and performances in nightclubs in Mali, club tours in USA, open-air dancefloors in South Africa, beach parties in Spain and high-profile venues in the UK. Thus the song "Ngnari Konon" featuring international star and Mali's most famous female singer Oumou Sangaré gives a clear idea of the destination Boddhi Satva is taking the audiences: generous and extravagant music that tells real life stories as well as makes people give their whole self up to limitless and code-stripped styles of dance - ritualistic, erotic, ecstatic, jubilant. Invocation is coming!
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feat. Mohamed Diaby (5:34)
Boddhi Satva, Mohamed Diaby
2015-10-02 $1.99
Beautiful Humans
feat. Les Nubians (4:35)
Boddhi Satva, Les Nubians
2015-10-02 $1.99
feat. Pegguy Tabu & Miranda Nicole (4:42)
Boddhi Satva, Miranda Nicole, Pegguy Tabu
2015-10-02 $1.99
From Me to You
feat. Paul Randolph (4:34)
Paul Randolph, Boddhi Satva
2015-10-02 $1.99
Healing the Sound of the Heart
feat. Karun (3:45)
Boddhi Satva, Karun
Skin Diver
feat. Teedra Moses (4:00)
Boddhi Satva, Teedra Moses
2015-10-02 $1.99
My Heart
feat. Nelson Freitas (4:02)
Nelson Freitas, Boddhi Satva
2015-10-02 $1.99
It’s Your Vibe
feat. C.Robert Walker (5:03)
C.Robert Walker, Boddhi Satva
2015-10-02 $1.99
Slow It Down
feat. Crissy (3:19)
Crissy, Boddhi Satva
Mama Kosa
feat. Kaysha (3:50)
Kaysha, Boddhi Satva
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